Agricultural Program

Local Agri-Business Network

Almost 75% people of Bangladesh are engaged with agricultural production. Small and medium growers/businessman are the main driving force of Bangladesh economy. But they cannot reach to their expected goal of production due to lack of co-ordination, necessary information, shortage of manpower, insufficient fund and service of the local govt. and organizations. On the other hand the farmers or the growers in the field cannot maintain effective association with the businessman for which an obstacle raises to marketing of the produce crops. As a result the farmers are finally losers.

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Bangladesh is running a Local Agri-Business Network (LAN) project locally involving various non govt. organizations in order to reach the goal of production in agriculture, fisheries & livestock for advancing economy of Bangladesh. In 2015, DISA become one of the Partner Organizations of HELVETAS to implement the LAN project in 45 Upazilla under 6 Districts like Comilla, Brahmanbaria, Chandpur, Feni, Narsingdi, and Kisorgonj district.

LAN Focused Area:
There are three major focusing areas of LAN Project:
  • - Expansion of the extension system
  • - The formation of networks in new upazilas and
  • - The diversification of services through the LAN in the project implemented areas.
Vision of LAN Project:

Farmers in particular resourceful areas, improve their livelihoods through establishing better access to information and improved technologies as well as to quality inputs and output markets. Furthermore, the agriculture sector improves its functioning through interaction between various actors and stakeholders, particularly farmers, input suppliers, output market actors, traders and government extension agencies functions properly.

Goal and objective:

The overall goal of the proposed project is to contribute to pro-poor economic growth within the agricultural sector in line with the Sixth Five-Year Plan of GOB by improving the service market system for farmers and rural market actors operating at local levels in Bangladesh.

The purpose of the project is to bring together public and private sector actors for concerted efforts to strengthen service delivery to farmers. The objective of LAN is to serve large numbers of farmers by establishing traders’ association-farmers’ groups network and PPI in new upazilas, where both public and private service providers tap into the potential of such networks for providing wide spectrum of services.

Some of the Major Activities of LAN Project:
There are three major focusing areas of LAN Project:
  • - Facilitate formation and capacity building of functional traders’ association – farmers’ groups network
  • - Promote the Public Private Initiative (PPI) concept at extension agencies
  • - Facilitate formation and capacity building of functional district level Traders’ Association
  • - Facilitate the diverse use of the networks by public and private sector actors as well as other projects for improved service delivery
The Major Achievements of LAN project (Comilla region):
  • - More than 73,612 sector member & 2.654 Farmers group member have been inducted
  • - At least 1130 TA Member has been registrar
  • - 45 Upazila & 06 District Launching events have been done.
  • - 45 Trade Association (TA) has been Formed
  • - 45 Upazila level MOU signing have done.
  • - 45 Upazila Vision Sharing Workshop have done. As on November 2016