Dairy and Livestock Development Program (DLDP)


The community based ‘Dairy and Livestock Development Program (DLDP)’ has been formed by the Development Initiative for Social Advancement (DISA) to ensure implementation of the designed activities required in the process to strengthen the cattle development efforts in Bangladesh. Reviewing the enormous potentiality of Livestock sector in national economy, the endeavor is for greater national interest. In the way, DLDP has planned a number of development activities involving male and female groups for their economic & social benefits. These include, Dairy Plant, Cattle Treatment and Breed Development Programs, Milk collection infrastructures development, establishment of DLDP Dairy Campus integrating activities of Demonstrative Cattle Farm, Model Farm, Cattle treatment/healthcare facilities & Farmers’ school/ institution and related others.

The project area includes initially Comilla district of Bangladesh particularly the valleys of the Lalmai hills and reverie & marshy lands covered by partly Comilla Sadar, Chandina, Barura, Kachua, Matlab and Laksam Upazilas those were earlier popular for milk production. The area of operation is being expanded further.

Considering existing dairy and livestock status of Bangladesh, DISA initiated the current program for the benefit of poor, marginal & less fortunate farmers thereby contribute effectively in the national economy with the experience DISA gathered by 23 years of rural financing and other development activities. Accordingly, the program is planning related activities, in the tunes of its vision and mission.

To cater to the huge national demand, the project aims at undertaking activities of livestock development based on DISA’s own experience, processing of dairy foods, beverages giving preference to the food habit of the local people through using improved and up-to-date technology to ensure:
  • - Catering national demand for the dairy line products as a priority;
  • - Preference to the best possible quality and taste of the people;
  • - Offering variety in the daily diet;
  • - Prioritizing Consumers’ Satisfaction and Health & Nutrition Needs; and
  • - Increase in the income of the poor families through diversifying opportunities.
Through integrated approach with rural production of diversified raw materials processed in high quality machineries, the project will contribute to meet local market demand in cases of attaining the capacity of surplus production, it may help earning foreign currency through export abroad. Accordingly targets will align to:
  • - Offering quality products with appropriate nutrition value;
  • - Establishing economic tie between urban and rural population;
  • - Participate in offering change in the life-style of the people; and
  • - Contribute to national economy significantly.
Activities under the Project:
  • - Milk Production: The farm produced 4,123 liters of milk in last year which value taka 2,08,791/-. It also purchases milks from small farmers to sell milk goods producing companies.
  • - Training for Farmers: As DISA is working through the community small cattle farm owners, it also organized different trainings for these farmers on rearing cattle in modern way. DISA organized day long “Management of Dairy Cows in Farm” training for its Microfinance and DLDP members. From starting to as on October 2016 DLDP team trained 2,798 farmers in 1,047 camps.
  • - Fodder Production: The project hired total 508 decimal of land for production of Fodder Crops. These lands are used for the cultivation of varieties fodder crops like Napier & Germany’s grass for the cows at the Farm.
  • - Formation of Farmers Organization (Sada Dal): Since the starting of the project, the farmers’ organizations are being promoted and a total of 76 Milk Producers’ “Sada Dal” (White Group)has been organized with 1,655 farmers. They have managed a savings fund of Tk. 20,79,670. The Sada Dal members are rearing 3,760 domestic animals including 1,511 dairy cows which producing 3,588 litters milk in a day.
  • - Social Enterprise Development: The DLDP also started a social enterprise name MATRIBHUMI Sweetmeat; which collect milks from the farmers and processing different Milk products like– Doi (yoghurt), Rasmalai, Spanj Rosgolla, Rosgolla, Chamcham, Chhanamukhi, Creamjam, Chhana Sandesh, Baby sweet, Rajbhog, Badsha bhog, Kalojam etc. The Enterprise has 4 outlets at Chandina Purbo Bazar, Chandina, Comilla Cantonment, Pallabi Extension (Dhaka).
In fact, the organization aims at developing and collection of rural produce for processing and marketing in the designated areas. In the process, it will guarantee fair price for the farmer-producers in one hand and on the other will cater market demand through the high-quality processed dairy-products. Furthermore, the organization will be exporting the surplus production to the foreign countries thereby earn foreign currencies.
For more information on DLDP or for order Sweetmeat Products, please visit: www.disadldp.org